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Comprehensive Polygraph Testing

A-PRO Polygraph Services has portable equipment that allows us to perform convenient on-site polygraph testing.

Criminal Polygraph

In criminal cases, polygraphs help us determine the truth from witnesses, victims, and suspects. We provide these services for prosecutors and for criminal defense attorneys, as well as police departments. Criminal polygraphs cost $500.00.


Domestic Polygraph

These examinations center on relationship issues such as infidelity and investigations in child custody cases. With a domestic polygraph, you receive prompt answers without spending time, money, and resources an investigation would require. We could provide you results within an hour. Domestic polygraph examinations cost $400.00
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Civil Polygraph

Civil polygraph tests are performed for liability-related issues like car accidents, product liability, false accusations, employment disputes, internal theft, workmans compensation, and other issues that meets your needs. We can also provide expert testimony regarding our polygraph testing results. Our civil polygraph examinations cost $400.00.

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